Our Services

Alliance Heating and Air Condition Services

Our services range from heating and air conditioning installs, restoration projects and ducting jobs.

Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Home Heating System Installation
  • Commercial Heating System Installation
  • Home Heating System Repair
  • Commercial Heating System Repair
  • Home A/C Repair and Installation
  • Commercial A/C Repair and Installation
  • heat systems including:
  • gas, heat strips, propane and all other systems.
  • We also provide carbon monoxide testing to make sure you're protecting yourself and your family.


  • Residential Exhaust Repair
  • Residential Exhaust Installation
  • Residential Ducting Installation
  • Commercial Exhaust Repair
  • Commercial Exhaust Installation
  • Install Add ons and Dampers to Direct Air Flow


  • Restore Your Home
  • Repair Leaks
  • Get Rid of Mold
  • Get Rid of Odor


  • We always use the best quality products to suit the needs of your project.
  • We can meet or beat any price quote of any other company in San Diego County.
  • We are an environmentally safe and efficient company.
  • We treat all of our customers with the highest level of integrity at all times.
  • We are honest with you in every circumstance possible.
  • We safeguard the privacy of each and everyone of our customers and are responsive to their needs.


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